Arjen van Krieken

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-09-07 08:34PM

id11’s temporary work and presentation space suitable for art projects, is situated at the Taj Mahalplaats 16 in Delft. Artist Arjen van Krieken is realizing an site specific artwork in September 2010.

I was so busy as usual with a sculpture when I make an invitation from id11 Carartfestival deal first with the exhibit and then the last two weekends of September in the space at the Taj Mahalplaats. My plan was to show a sculpture what i allready made, pimpe the little space and go! But that changed on arrival.

The fact is that lately I let myself be inspired by (natural) forces. In particular, shifts in tectonic plates on the surface mountain chains. This is an idea I try to hide that link to "the man" today. The use of technology in the everyday things of life. The area of id11, located in a appartmentbuilding complex, where drastically renovated, is now become an observation post on a hilly area of immense join seams paid flats. For me this was the title Human tectonics literally depicted.

It did not so much the idea but more nostalgic for the fact that in nature the geodynamic mechanism ensures constant change and natural forces that determine the shape of the landscape. Where organisms adapt to their environment fits the human environment are today. Human acts are simplified or taken over. This comes at the cost of consciousness, the awareness of things around us. Man becomes increasingly removed from its natural behavior. After taking pictures and climbing these 'human hills' I decided I had to make an image LOCALLY. That made me the picture I Tectonics Human decompose so the energy between thought and intuition to work out. In the rubble I've found useful stuff that I finally have a sculpture made. The joke is that I hung with oil sketches of research and pretty clearly saw a link to the site-specific image that is created. It will be on my retinas have been!

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Bhupat Dudi

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-08-13 03:50PM

id11’s temporary work and presentation space suitable for art projects, is situated at the Taj Mahalplaats 16 in Delft. The Indian artist Bhubat Dudi is realizing an site specific artwork in August 2010.

Artist Statement
Making art for me is a form of thinking that we access through empathy. We all have many things left in ourselves which are unexpressed. I used to express my feelings through everyday visuals which are surrounding me. My works are journey of unconscious, through visual conscious, sometimes presenting my inner self and sometimes reflection of society .The dots, lines and different textures in my works cross from one part to the other like the progression of my thought process one thought to the other as my mind tries to search new surface. different mediums always invite me to explore its limits as i enjoy experimenting with them so Medium never bothers me. I do paper sculpture, installations, drawings, prints and sometimes photography too; as I belive most important is for any creative person is one’s satisfaction through creative expression whatever the medium is. I work with my intuition, knowing my limits which give me the comfort of being what I am.

“Investigate the Self”- In context of different culture

Human life is intermingled with buildings of all forms, shapes and sizes. Either we live in them or we visit them. every city has stories of its culture to tell trough its architecture.But we rarely think about the innate wisdom that Architecture can provide us with. when i first Looked at Architectures of delft i felt that buildings are offering me cultural stories to understand and enjoy the culture which is totally different from my country. it inspired me to investigate in to my inner self for better understanding of my self and my culture.Architecture is a powerful tool which symbolizes human civilization and its culture. Besides protecting our bodies, it also develops our character and minds. Architecture reflects human emotions, captures our mood to make the space of these basic building blocks into a beautiful home where we spend our lives. Then, our personal history becomes the story of the buildings and its stories in return become our own personal story. similarly different visuals also provided me new experiences of visual environment in public spaces.

Bhupat dudi

Artist, India

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site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-07-19 08:14PM

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Research 'Walls'

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-07-07 10:56PM

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Anne Marie van Grinsven

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-06-28 08:51PM

id11’s temporary work and presentation space suitable for art projects, is situated at the Taj Mahalplaats 16 in Delft. The artist Annemarie van Grinsven (nl) is realizing an site specific artwork in July 2010.

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site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-06-14 09:02PM
Relaxing afternoon hours in the picturesque Delft city centre.
Had 1 rosé while my face got sunburnt (funny word).
Orange sounds and colours in the background everywhere.
Added some surprisingly expressive 'moves' to my second work tonight, born through slight confusion and the words of an inspiring someone.
Tomorrow a man from the Haagse Courant will come to photograph me and my work (why do they always want 'a person' on their pictures?).
The day after I will be called to be interviewed by an editor.
What to say?


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site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-06-12 01:44PM
Sunny Saterday, will make a long day of work.
I'm solving the colour issue by discovering the possible shades of white. It's a struggle and so is the space I work in, but they're both pushing my technical skills.
I am a proud warrior again.
My body, aware of its transparency, is directing me to work steady without too much distraction, although I already dropped some hot tea on my left fingers.
In the mean time I hear children play on the green hill.
And I dream of a peaceful ocean somewhere far away.


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site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-06-09 10:13AM

Artistic frustration day.

No longer thrilled about my experiment with colours from yesterday. Since I am working directly on the wall, I cannot change anything just like that.

I now need to think before I act, after I have acted without thinking.

Researching also into more layers of meaning.

Still being aware of the complexity of this neighbourhood, with its basic working people.

But despair is a source of free acting, like Bacon told us.

I don't feel completely desperate, though, rather puzzled.

I might go see some Delft hairdresser to change my perspective...


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