site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-06-09 10:13AM

Here I am: Poptahof, Delft, very the Netherlands.

Ready for my art residency period until 25th June.

I had a nice warm drive up here (no airco) which efficiently relaxed my nervous body to prepare it for some hard work the coming days.

Poptahof seems like a colourful lower working class neighbourhood.

I have a small room in the house of the Italian Valentina and her boyfriend Maarten. They seem like nice people but did run off for a walk about 2 hours ago. Now I cannot get out myself, because I cannot close the back door from which I don't have a key.

Stuck, in a way, in a house that feels very familiar allready.

Probably good to prepare myself quietly.

The working place, where I will draw draw draw, is about 50 metres from here. I only need to cross a hill of grass.

The space is bigger than I expected.

Luckily I don't have time to freak and just need to start working tomorrow morning.

My neighbour on the other side of the grass hill is a sweet young (female) yoga teacher who invited me for a class on Tuesday at 7am.

Since I love early mornings with this weather I will soon indulge in my first yoga class ever.

I didn't take my camera on purpose these first days.

Next week, maybe.


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site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-06-07 09:30PM

id11’s temporary work and presentation space suitable for art projects, is situated at the Taj Mahalplaats 16 in Delft. The artist Griet Menschaert (be) is realizing an site specific artwork in June 2010.

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site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-05-22 10:26AM
Thanks to everyone who showed up on the opening of my presentation yesterday! I really enjoyed it!

If you couldn't make it and still like to see the work, it's also open today and next weekend. (May 28 & 29th) Have fun!

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finished (soon)

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-05-19 06:33PM
I´m finished drawing (or almost)! I´ve never made such a big drawing before, so this was kind of an experiment but I like it. It´s not too subtle, and not too overwhelming either.

You´re welcome on the opening this friday at 17.00! And it´s also opened on the 22nd, 28 & 29th of May.

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lot´s of m2

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-05-15 09:48PM
I am drawing. On windows, walls and floors :). I have already drawn a whole lot of square meters and it's nice! But it think and hope it will be even better, more nicely, simple & subtle when I am done wednesday evening. (that's when I intend to be -more or less- finished).

And for you: a picture!

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started part 2

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-05-11 11:06PM
After the promising start from last week, I started on another start yesterday :). Sounds complicated, but it isn't. Actually I just started to draw a pattern with white chalks in my white project space. (Based on the 7:1 window door ratio in quite a lot of the neighbouring houses and flats)

It immediately got checked by five 10 year old girls who wanted to come in and to know exactly what I was going to do and when I would be doing this and if I was going to work untill five, six or seven o'clock? So I guess I could say everything is under control (or being controlled) :).

But I still have lot's of square meters to draw...

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a start

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-05-06 01:38PM

The masterplan is not fully and perfectly completed. but I do have an idea of what to do and what to make at op_LOCATIE.

In front of my window building man and streetmakers are busy carrying loads of sand and changing patters. I for example have got a nice black sidewalk, which I didn’t have on Monday :).

It is more or less the same in lot’s of other places in this neighbourhood. In a few days the men have erased something old or build something entirely new. As Poptahof is build in the (I guess) sixties, the’re are quite a lot of the same flats around here with the same window, window, door, window rhythm. Divided by tiled sidewalks, paved roads, squares and little paths. The’re is also a stunning amount of white metal barred gallery's in this neighboorhood…which almost look like wrapping lints.

Because I am really fascinated by all those patterns available here, and the speed (or sometimes no speed at all) by which they change, I also want to make a pattern, just like the city planners, architects and builders do. I want to build something new just like the whole neighbourhood is planning and building new things. And I want it to be new, white, handmade, maybe unfinished. Something like a start from scratch.

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i arrived

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-05-03 09:28PM
After just a few hours on the train I arrived in Delft today.

I was really curious to see the artspace at the Taj Mahalplaats, and it turned out great! It's a nice new place, has a perfect size, full of nice variations of white paint, shining metallic heatings and gray concrete. Things I definitely like :).

I'm going to work, I'll notify you again when my masterplan is (hopefully) finished, polished and shining!

- miekemaaike

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