Car Art AiR project 2014

CreArtPosted by id11 2014-02-27 04:19PM

Art initiative id11
Art initiative id11 organizes Artist-in-Residence projects in temporarily available spaces such as vacant shops, office spaces or apartment buildings to be demolished or renovated. From June 15th till August 15th , id11 invites 8 professional artists from the CreArt network to create site-specific artwork for the Car Art festival in Delft, The Netherlands. The selected artists will be able to start working at June 15th and work towards the deadline of the Car Art festival at the location of the old glue factory Lijm & Cultuur. Preference is given to works with a wide variety of media and diversity of approaches.

Delft is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland (Zuid-Holland), The Netherlands. It is located between Rotterdam and The Hague. Delft is primarily known for its typically Dutch town centre (with canals); also for the painter Vermeer, Delft Blue pottery (Delftware), the Delft University of Technology, and its association with the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau.

2 months June 15th till August 15th 2014.

Organized by the host
• id11 will assist the artist to get familiar with the city of Delft, her cultural institutions and useful places and provide the artist with a weekly agenda of art related activities in Delft, as well as in the neighbour cities of Rotterdam and The Hague.
• id11 will organize a tour to The Hague and Rotterdam and introduce the artists to the art scene of these two neighbour cities of Delft and connect the Artist-in-Residence with the Artist-in-Residence activities in Rotterdam and The Hague.
• id11 will provide during the whole working period a curator interacting with the artists about their work.
• id11 will organize every week an artist talk for all 8 participating artists and also an informal gathering (art café) where the Artist-in-Residence can meet and mingle with local artists from Delft.
• id11 will organize during the last week/weekend of the artist-in-residence a final public presentation of the site-specific artworks created during the residency as part of the Car Art festival.
• id11 asks the artists to be committed, during the whole working period, to keep the working space open for the public during day time, to see the work in progress.
• the participating artist have the possibility to install or present existing work during the whole residence period in a separate space at the glue factory Lijm & Cultuur.

Paid by host
• Travel expenses, reimbursed the travel cost till a certain amount.
• Studio fee at the glue factory Lijm & Cultuur.
• Living accommodation.
• Working budget of € 500,- euro a month based on actual costs and cars are available on request.
• Publicity.
• A catalogue of the project will be published.

Studio information
In 2014 id11 will cooperate again with the Car Art festival and therefore the studio space will be realised at the festival area at the old glue factory Lijm & Cultuur ( The residence program takes two months (June 15 till August 15 2014) and will be concluded with a presentation as a part of the Car Art festival. Participating artists will present their work during the artist talk and be in dialogue with the public. Other forms of public presentations can be discussed according to each guest’s interests.

Accommodation information
HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF is the name of the living accommodation of the resident artist. In Delft id11 has no permanent living- or working spaces for accommodation or the realization of projects but responds to what is available, arises or comes up with a plan for a project. id11’s Artist-in-Residence program dependents on the availability of the temporary spaces. During the residence in 2014 id11 will provide housing in 8 caravans for the 8 participating artists at the work location at Lijm & Cultuur. There will be also a shared living space and kitchen available.

Application guidelines and criteria
• CreArt is a collaboration between the 13 European cities: Arad/Romania, Kaunas/Lithuania, Genoa/Italy, Delft/Netherlands, Harghita County/Romania, Croatia, Valladolid/Spain, Aveiro/Portugal, Linz/Austria, Kristiansand/Norway, Lecce/Italy, Pardubice/Czech Republic and Vilnius/Lithuania.
• Only artists with a degree in a field of art (university level) from above mentioned cities can apply for the project. If the applicant does not have a university degree, proof of equivalent ability must be provided through his or her artistic career.
• Participating artists create ‘new’ site-specific artwork related to the Car Art festival. Car Art is a multidisciplinary festival, where cars, and car parts are in their most literal or abstracted forms the source of inspiration. (

Are you interested?
Artists can apply by sending a project proposal together with recent documentation of their work. Please send the information mentioned on in one pdf document before April 22, 2014 by e-mail to The following information in one pdf document is required:
• A short version of your resume/CV (mention also name, surname, nationality, residential address, town, zip code, country, mobile phone, e-mail, website and education).
• Documentation of recent work related to the project (no more than 5 pictures).
• A short written project proposal (no more than one A4).
• ID or Passport (scanned copy).

Only applications with complete information will be accepted.

April 22th 2014

May 1st 2014


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submissions Car Art festival

Car ArtPosted by id11 2014-02-25 08:32PM

In cooperation with the Car Art festival and Lijm & Cultuur, id11 will work on this year edition of the Car Art festival. id11 will take care of the visual arts. Car Art is a multidisciplinary festival, where cars and car parts are in their most literal or abstract form the source of inspiration. The Car Art festival takes place at 8, 9 and 10 of August at the old glue factory of Lijm & Cultuur in Delft, The Netherlands. id11 is looking for artists who are inspired by and want to participate in the Car Art festival.

Next to the 8 invited Artists in Residence from the CreArt network, who will produce new work, id11 invites artists who would like to exhibit existing work at the Car Art festival to submit their application. Exhibition space is available both indoors and outside on the grounds of Lijm & Cultuur. There is a small budget available.

Artists with work related to the festival can apply by using the application form by sending it together with the requested information BEFORE JUNE 1st, 2014 by e-mail to

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new CreArt AiR project in 2014

CreArtPosted by id11 2014-01-23 02:38PM
In the 2014 edition of id11’s AiR project in the framework of CreArt, id11 will again cooperate with the Car Art festival in Delft. id11 will take care of the visual arts. Car Art is a multidisciplinary festival, where cars or car parts are, in its most literal or abstract form, the source of inspiration. Car Art takes place at the old glue factory Lijm & Cultuur in Delft, The Netherlands in the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 August 2014.

During the months of July and August 2014, id11 will invite 8 professional artists from the CreArt network to create site-specific artwork for the Car Art festival in Delft, The Netherlands. The selected artists will be able to start working on the first of July and work towards the deadline of the Car Art festival at the location of the old glue factory Lijm & Cultuur.

An open call will be soon sent out by CreArt in January 2014.

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publication DELFT OP ZICHT

CreArtPosted by id11 2014-01-23 02:37PM
In August and September 2013, id11 organized the Artist-in-Residence project DELFT OP ZICHT within the European network CreArt. The participating artists, Alexander Glandien (at), Amaya Bombín (es), Dovile Bernadisiute (lt), Leonard Sherifi (it), Lieke Snellen (nl), Nino Strohecker (at), Ruta Butkute (lt) and Tvrtko Buric (it), produced new artworks. The artists explored Delft for two months. The publication gives an overview of the works made by the artists during the residency DELFT OP ZICHT.

A specificity of this AiR project was that each artist was connected to a curator. The curators contributed a small text about their encouters with the artists and the work which was made during DELFT OP ZICHT. The partipating curators were: Anique Weve and Floor Cornelisse (Fam Ruim, Rotterdam), Coen de Jong (38CC, Delft), Iris Cornelis (gallery Iris Cornelis, Rotterdam), Ronald Boer (Satellietgroep, The Hague), Kiki Petratou (gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam), Piet de Jonge (curator e.g. RAW CHINA EXPO, chief editor WHAT'S UP. Worked as senior curator modern art at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Museum Kröller Müller and Van Abbemuseum), Réka Deuten Makkai (art historian, The Hague) and Weronika Zielinska (Upominki, Rotterdam).

The booklet can be ordered for € 5,- euros (excl.postage/porto) by id11. Click here to read.

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join the seminar SHIFTING AiR STRATEGIES

CreArtPosted by id11 2013-11-26 01:42PM

id11, in cooperation with DutchCulture Center for international cooperation | Trans Artists, Satellietgroep and Wander, organizes the seminar SHIFTING AiR STATEGIES in the framework of CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation.

Artist-in-Residence is a changing phenomenon. Hosts and guests develop new strategies, or they reinvent the ways they operate, because of shifting economic, political, and cultural circumstances.

This seminar brings Artist-in-Residence programs together from the Netherlands, Europe, and Russia, to share the latest insights in Artist-in-Residence strategies. Some opt for interdisciplinary research, others for integrating artistic goals with commercial activities. Some focus on the specificity of their location, others try to connect to the needs of other parties.

- Which new artist-in-residence strategies are developed?
- What are the consequences for collaboration, programming, funding?
- How can networks, cultural organizations, funds, and governments connect to these developments?

Experts will share their visions with us in workshop-explorations, amongst them: Janwillem Schrofer, organizational sociologist, former president Rijksakademie Amsterdam (1982-2010) - Georgi Nikich, director of the Moscow Union of Exhibitions Halls - Leontine Meijer van Mensch, lecturer of heritage theory and professional ethics at the Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam.

Be welcome to join the program and meet representatives of the CreArt network and of emerging Russian Artist-in-Residence programs!

SHIFTING AiR STRATEGIES takes place in the framework of CreArt, network of cities for artistic creation, and Mutual Impulse Netherlands-Russia, phase 4.

Saturday December 14th 2013, 10.00 - 20.30 hrs.

Download the program here. (update 8/12)
(The program is subject to change without notice).

registration and information
By e-mail to
Deadline December 10, 2013.

admission is free
Free coffee and tea.
A full day package with food and drinks (lunch and dinner & drinks) is 32.50 euros per person. Reservations at the registration desk on the 14th, before 10.00 hrs., at Lijm & Culture or by e-mail to

Lijm & Cultuur
Rotterdamseweg 272
2628 AT Delft
The Netherlands

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in natura

XtraPosted by id11 2013-10-15 10:26PM

In Natura: barter, video, performance during the museum night Delft Friday 25 October 2013

Aline Baggio, Daan den Houter and Ieke Trinks immerse themselves in the financial world, traces of the crisis, (the use of) money and barter. Here you can expect a stimulating mix of video, performance and installation work (for example ceramic). Especially for the museum night id11 set up an Exchange Office: bring objects or raw materials! These will be processed into art objects in the weeks following the museum night! You can follow the process on In return you will get small artwork. Also you'll have the possibility to buy mini gold bars. Every hour, a performance, an action or a "meet & greet" with the artists will take place. Come along!

non-stop: video's, installations and exchange office.
21:00 hrs performance by Ieke Trinks
22:00 hrs meet & greet with the artists
23:00 hrs action / performance by Daan den Houter
00:00 hrs meet & greet with id11

Oude Delft 36
Delft, The Netherlands

For ticktes and program of the museum night

In Natura: ruilhandel, video, performance tijdens de Museumnacht Delft vrijdag 25 oktober 2013.

Aline Baggio, Daan den Houter en Ieke Trinks verdiepen zich in de financiële wereld, sporen van de crisis, (het gebruik van) geld en ruilhandel. Hier kunt u een prikkelende mix van video, performance en ruimtelijk werk verwachten (bijvoorbeeld keramiek).

Speciaal voor de museumnacht zet id11 een ruilkantoor op: breng objecten of ruwe materialen mee! Deze zullen in de weken na de museumnacht verwerkt worden als kunstobjecten! In ruil daarvoor krijgt u een kunstwerkje. Het proces kunt u op volgen. Ook kunt u bij ons nagebootste mini-goudstaafjes kopen. Elk uur is er daarnaast een performance, actie, of "meet & greet" met de kunstenaars. Komt u maar langs!

Video's, installatie van ruimtelijk werk, ruilkantoor: doorlopend
21:00 performance van Ieke Trinks
22:00 meet & greet met de kunstenaars
23:00 actie / performance Daan den Houter
00:00 meet & greet met id11

Oude Delft 36

Voor entree kaarten en meer programma

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invitation to the opening of DELFT OP ZICHT

CreArtPosted by id11 2013-09-17 09:47PM
final presentation DELFT OP ZICHT Opening Friday 27 September from 17:00-19:00 hrs.
Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September from 12:00-17:00 hrs.

DELFT OP ZICHT is an artist-in-residence project within in the framework of the European network CreArt with artists from the participating countries. id11 invited eight artists to work and live during August and September 2013 in Delft, the Netherlands. The artists worked towards a final presentation that will take place from Friday 27– Sunday 29 September in art centre Kadmium in Delft.

For 2 months Alexander Glandien, Amaya Bombín, Dovile Bernadisiute, Leonard Sherifi , Lieke Snellen, Nino Strohecker, Ruta Butkute and Tvrtko Buric worked on their own projects - and presented their work every Friday afternoon during the artist talks 'bij wijze van SPREKEN' in Kadmium. Work in progress could be followed by visitors during the regular opening hours of Kadmium. Special about this project and an important contribution to the project was that every artist was connected to a curator, who gave a substantive feedback.

the artists about their project Alexander Glandien – Austria
The crisis of everything everywhere
The exhibition space is deconstructed by different interventions.
Water drips down from the ceiling in countless places and gives the impression of a leaky and permeable roof. The water is collected in a set of buckets resting on the floor below the leaks and this artificial field of buckets creates some kind of counterpart to the ceiling, reflecting the damage of this room. A sculpture of cables and hoses is hanging out from the damaged roof and different paintings on canvas mimic the ceilings texture. Furthermore the continuously dripping creates a very gentle and haunting composition of decay. These interventions create a space in state of suspense between deconstruction and construction, between real and artificial elements. "The crisis of everything everywhere" deals primarily with the relocation and shifting of values ​​and realities.
curators Jacqueline Heerema, Ronald Boer, Eliane Bots (Satellietgroep, The Hague).

Amaya Bombín – Spain
Delft red
Dutch painting, during the Baroque period, established a separation between the inside and outside of the city. It linked the woman inside (the house, family, spirituality...) and the man outside (the city, trade...). Through my work I will try to bring these two visions into one creating a view from the inside and outside at the same time. The Dutch painter beauty was not necessarily in an established repertoire of forms but he could decide for himself to show the beauty of a simple gesture. In my work this simple gesture will be stitches of red thread running through the streets of Delft.
curator Coen de Jong (38CC, Delft).

Dovile Bernadisiute - Lithuania
Koornmarkt 48F, Westvest 147, Prinses Irenetunnel
In my project architectural details of the city of Delft functions as moulds. Later I transform them into garments. The installation is about the surfaces of buildings, proportions of the body and built environment, the remnants of our existence embedded in the environment, the reflections of buildings within ourselves. Pieces that are created appear on the body like second skin and are suggesting wearability.
curators Anique Weve, Floor Cornelisse (Fam Ruim, Rotterdam).

Leonard Sherifi – Italy
Holy Shuttle
We live in an age of increasingly globalized consumerism. Through the Holy Shuttle I turned back in time when I had to walk for miles to get the water. I used to carry the water in plastic bottles that at the time were rare and precious, so I used the bottle caps for my work as they still were precious. The circle form of caps represents the continuity, so depicts the life cycle, the nature's flow. Furthermore the caps are witnesses of a consumerism programmed pleasure. I asked people to cherish the shuttle by bringing the caps to me, so that they would indirectly participate in shuttle's construction. The Holy Shuttle is an intimate personal meditation as well as a parody on the spirituality of the science and the intrinsic naturality of the artificial.
curator Réka Deuten Makkai (Den Haag).

Lieke Snellen – Netherlands
'And then I just bumped into it.'
Unnoticed you walk on a street and navigate from one point to another. En route you find objects where you walk around, you use or stumble over them. Within the project of id11 I made use of street furniture that can be seen as a recognizable element out of our daily environment. What are these objects, what is their function and how can they be used or viewed in a different way?
curator Iris Cornelis (gallery Iris Cornelis, Rotterdam).

Nino Strohecker – Austria
When I close my eyes I do not see darkness. I see light explosions in all shapes and forms, like fireworks in the night sky creating geometrical patterns. And in this patterns I see figures, faces, entire cities and landscapes unrolling and ever-changing.
When I close my eyes I do not see darkness because my visual cortex is taking over and the theater of my mind gives a new outstanding performance every time.
When I close my eyes I do not see darkness. I see light.
curator Piet de Jonge (curator e.g. RAW CHINA EXPO, chief editor WHAT'S UP. Worked as senior curator modern art at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Museum Kröller Müller and Van Abbemuseum).

Ruta Butkute – Lithuania
“I work with a space through displacement and play, where objects and tools loose their usual function; no longer exist but rather subsist.”

preserve(definition): to resist decomposition
The sculptural installation draws from the inter-relation of monuments and construction sites. The artist experience of architecture becomes the moment of the reconstruction: to preserve can also mean to change, where new identity appears. The sculptural process is more applied as a transformation rather than translation. Searching of origins and new identities of architectural elements and surfaces in Delft through sculptural practice.
curator Weronika Zielinska (Upominki, Rotterdam).

Tvrtko Buric – Italy
Signs, repetitions, pauses, and voids embody an abstract vision of what is more abstract in reality: the geometric skeleton of the natural world, dynamics and variables of contemporary life. A landscape where video and sculpture come together in an audacious dialogue, despoiled of the real and return to the principle of art and the essence of things, the very foundation of thought and knowledge.
curator Kiki Petratou (gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam).

final presentation
Opening Friday 27 September from 17:00-19:00 hrs.
Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September from 12:00-17:00 hrs.

Koornmarkt 48F
2611 EH Delft |

photo Marco Zwinkels |Ruta Butkute working

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presentatie artist-in-residence 25 augustus 2013

NOPPosted by id11 2013-08-19 11:09AM

Beeldend kunstenaar Inge Hoefnagel heeft een maand in onze AiR op de boerderij in de NOP gewerkt en presenteert haar bevindingen op zondag 25 augustus om 15.00 uur.

IJzerpad 17
8313 PJ

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