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CreArtPosted by id11 2014-06-25 09:11AM
CreArt AiR project Car Art festival
id11 selected 8 professional artists from the CreArt network to create site-specific artwork for the Car Art festival in Delft, The Netherlands. CreArt is a collaborative venture between 13 European cities: Arad (Romania), Kaunas (Lithuania), Genoa (Italy), Delft (The Netherlands), Harghita County (Romania), Zagreb (Croatia), Valladolid (Spain), Aveiro (Portugal), Linz (Austria), Kristiansand (Norway), Lecce (Italy), Pardubice (Czech Republic) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

The selected artists will be able to start working on the 15th of June and work towards the deadline of the Car Art festival in the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 August 2014 at the location of the old glue factory Lijm & Cultuur in Delft. Car Art is a multidisciplinary festival, where cars or car parts are, in its most literal or abstract form, the source of inspiration. For 2 months the artists will work on- and present their projects at Lijm & Cultuur in Delft. Work in progress can be seen by visitors during the regular opening hours of Lijm & Cultuur. Every Friday in June and July from 17:00-19:00 hrs. one of the artists will present his or her work at the artist talk bij_wijze_van_SPREKEN in an informal setting for discussion. The final presentation of the work takes place at the Car Art festival in the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 August 2014.

participating artists
Dina Rončević | Croatia
Fernando Guijar | Spain
Bartis Elemer Marton | Romania
Carlos Sanz Aldea | Spain
Roberta Menechini | Italy
Eddy Kaijser | Netherlands
André Vieira | Portugal
Martina Kartelo | Croatia

During the two months of work in progress every artists is connected to a curator, who will give a substantive feedback.

participating curators
Coen de Jong (38CC, Delft)
Iris Cornelis (gallery Iris Cornelis, Rotterdam)
Kiki Petratou (gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam)
Piet de Jonge (curator e.g. RAW CHINA EXPO, chief editor WHAT'S UP. Worked as senior curator modern art at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Museum Kröller Müller and Van Abbemuseum)
Hans Wap (artist, Rotterdam)
Denis Oudendijk (Refunc, Den Haag)
Sander Zweerts de Jong (sandersgeluk, Rotterdam)
Ieke Trinks (artist, Rotterdam)

Work in progress
June 15 - August 1, 2014
Monday - Friday 10:00-17:00 hrs.

artist talk bij_wijze_van_SPREKEN
Every Friday from June 20 - August 1 at 17:00-19:00 hrs
June 20 short introduction all AiR projects
June 27 Amber Leeman about Car Art festival
July 4 Eddy Kaijser and Roberta Menechini
July 11 Bartis Elemer Marton and Martina Kartelo
July 18 Fernando Guijar and Dina Rončević
July 25 Carlos Sanz Aldea and André Vieira
August 1 curators feedback
(artists talks are subject to change)

final presentation at Car Art festival
Opening Friday August 8
Saturday August 9 from 11:00-00:00 hrs.
Sunday August 10 from 11:00-18:00 hrs.

Lijm & Cultuur Rotterdamseweg 272
2628 AT Delft

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