site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-06-09 10:13AM

Here I am: Poptahof, Delft, very the Netherlands.

Ready for my art residency period until 25th June.

I had a nice warm drive up here (no airco) which efficiently relaxed my nervous body to prepare it for some hard work the coming days.

Poptahof seems like a colourful lower working class neighbourhood.

I have a small room in the house of the Italian Valentina and her boyfriend Maarten. They seem like nice people but did run off for a walk about 2 hours ago. Now I cannot get out myself, because I cannot close the back door from which I don't have a key.

Stuck, in a way, in a house that feels very familiar allready.

Probably good to prepare myself quietly.

The working place, where I will draw draw draw, is about 50 metres from here. I only need to cross a hill of grass.

The space is bigger than I expected.

Luckily I don't have time to freak and just need to start working tomorrow morning.

My neighbour on the other side of the grass hill is a sweet young (female) yoga teacher who invited me for a class on Tuesday at 7am.

Since I love early mornings with this weather I will soon indulge in my first yoga class ever.

I didn't take my camera on purpose these first days.

Next week, maybe.


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