Arjen van Krieken

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-09-07 08:34PM

id11’s temporary work and presentation space suitable for art projects, is situated at the Taj Mahalplaats 16 in Delft. Artist Arjen van Krieken is realizing an site specific artwork in September 2010.

I was so busy as usual with a sculpture when I make an invitation from id11 Carartfestival deal first with the exhibit and then the last two weekends of September in the space at the Taj Mahalplaats. My plan was to show a sculpture what i allready made, pimpe the little space and go! But that changed on arrival.

The fact is that lately I let myself be inspired by (natural) forces. In particular, shifts in tectonic plates on the surface mountain chains. This is an idea I try to hide that link to "the man" today. The use of technology in the everyday things of life. The area of id11, located in a appartmentbuilding complex, where drastically renovated, is now become an observation post on a hilly area of immense join seams paid flats. For me this was the title Human tectonics literally depicted.

It did not so much the idea but more nostalgic for the fact that in nature the geodynamic mechanism ensures constant change and natural forces that determine the shape of the landscape. Where organisms adapt to their environment fits the human environment are today. Human acts are simplified or taken over. This comes at the cost of consciousness, the awareness of things around us. Man becomes increasingly removed from its natural behavior. After taking pictures and climbing these 'human hills' I decided I had to make an image LOCALLY. That made me the picture I Tectonics Human decompose so the energy between thought and intuition to work out. In the rubble I've found useful stuff that I finally have a sculpture made. The joke is that I hung with oil sketches of research and pretty clearly saw a link to the site-specific image that is created. It will be on my retinas have been!

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