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artist-in-residence noordoostpolder Beside the artist-in-residence program in Delft, at temporary locations, id11 has permanent artist-in-residence program at a farm near Rutten in the Noordoostpolder/Flevoland, the Netherlands.
Visual artist Inge Hoefnagel from Rotterdam lives and works at the farm during August 2013.
For Inge are a different environment and new encounters sources of inspiration for new work. In her work creating interventions in public space and the reaction of the public are central. Her material and technical choices are always subordinate to the idea and the materials that are in stock.

The image of her social environment in Rotterdam of the Noordoostpolder is not always positive. She did a short research in this environment and used this study as a starting point for her work period in the Noordoostpolder. Her interventions will be focused on this research and will capture the images, to her own outcome, in the Noordoostpolder.

work in progress
1-25 August 2013

IJzerpad 17
8313 PJ Rutten |

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