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id11, in cooperation with DutchCulture Center for international cooperation | Trans Artists, Satellietgroep and Wander, organizes the seminar SHIFTING AiR STATEGIES in the framework of CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation.

Artist-in-Residence is a changing phenomenon. Hosts and guests develop new strategies, or they reinvent the ways they operate, because of shifting economic, political, and cultural circumstances.

This seminar brings Artist-in-Residence programs together from the Netherlands, Europe, and Russia, to share the latest insights in Artist-in-Residence strategies. Some opt for interdisciplinary research, others for integrating artistic goals with commercial activities. Some focus on the specificity of their location, others try to connect to the needs of other parties.

- Which new artist-in-residence strategies are developed?
- What are the consequences for collaboration, programming, funding?
- How can networks, cultural organizations, funds, and governments connect to these developments?

Experts will share their visions with us in workshop-explorations, amongst them: Janwillem Schrofer, organizational sociologist, former president Rijksakademie Amsterdam (1982-2010) - Georgi Nikich, director of the Moscow Union of Exhibitions Halls - Leontine Meijer van Mensch, lecturer of heritage theory and professional ethics at the Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam.

Be welcome to join the program and meet representatives of the CreArt network and of emerging Russian Artist-in-Residence programs!

SHIFTING AiR STRATEGIES takes place in the framework of CreArt, network of cities for artistic creation, and Mutual Impulse Netherlands-Russia, phase 4.

Saturday December 14th 2013, 10.00 - 20.30 hrs.

Download the program here. (update 8/12)
(The program is subject to change without notice).

registration and information
By e-mail to
Deadline December 10, 2013.

admission is free
Free coffee and tea.
A full day package with food and drinks (lunch and dinner & drinks) is 32.50 euros per person. Reservations at the registration desk on the 14th, before 10.00 hrs., at Lijm & Culture or by e-mail to

Lijm & Cultuur
Rotterdamseweg 272
2628 AT Delft
The Netherlands

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