Bhupat Dudi

site specific projectsPosted by id11 2010-08-13 03:50PM

id11’s temporary work and presentation space suitable for art projects, is situated at the Taj Mahalplaats 16 in Delft. The Indian artist Bhubat Dudi is realizing an site specific artwork in August 2010.

Artist Statement
Making art for me is a form of thinking that we access through empathy. We all have many things left in ourselves which are unexpressed. I used to express my feelings through everyday visuals which are surrounding me. My works are journey of unconscious, through visual conscious, sometimes presenting my inner self and sometimes reflection of society .The dots, lines and different textures in my works cross from one part to the other like the progression of my thought process one thought to the other as my mind tries to search new surface. different mediums always invite me to explore its limits as i enjoy experimenting with them so Medium never bothers me. I do paper sculpture, installations, drawings, prints and sometimes photography too; as I belive most important is for any creative person is one’s satisfaction through creative expression whatever the medium is. I work with my intuition, knowing my limits which give me the comfort of being what I am.

“Investigate the Self”- In context of different culture

Human life is intermingled with buildings of all forms, shapes and sizes. Either we live in them or we visit them. every city has stories of its culture to tell trough its architecture.But we rarely think about the innate wisdom that Architecture can provide us with. when i first Looked at Architectures of delft i felt that buildings are offering me cultural stories to understand and enjoy the culture which is totally different from my country. it inspired me to investigate in to my inner self for better understanding of my self and my culture.Architecture is a powerful tool which symbolizes human civilization and its culture. Besides protecting our bodies, it also develops our character and minds. Architecture reflects human emotions, captures our mood to make the space of these basic building blocks into a beautiful home where we spend our lives. Then, our personal history becomes the story of the buildings and its stories in return become our own personal story. similarly different visuals also provided me new experiences of visual environment in public spaces.

Bhupat dudi

Artist, India

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Posted by Deep 2010-08-23 04:42AM

what an excellent work have you done dear. lovey .......
keep it up. I like all your work but one should be interesting according to me ! last one is too good. Specially mouth shut by the lock. very nice concept.

Posted by rajesh pullarwar 2010-08-21 04:21AM

Good work dude! I like your ideas.